The language of epic tales and simple stories.

As told by a best selling author; The angry summers were getting worse each year, Tom and Mick observed as the sun glared down on the earth mercilessly, making the day unusually hot and uncomfortable. They decide after mentally exhausting a few options between them that respite could be found on the beach. The sand under the feet, the colours around and the moist ocean breeze seem like the best bet. Tom takes out the convertible, Mick hops in and they hit the road that goes as far as the sa [...]

A father to his growing son

You can stick their nibs to paper, And write through night and day. Spreading messages of cheer and love, Or tales of murder and dismay. They can guard our homes and nation, Having one inside your holster will do. Desire for a gun is irrelevant, so be careful, For they don’t know who is who. He stands for sacrifice, service and love, Till the farthest ends of the earth. You could close your eyes and cleanse your soul, Or abuse His name to rid material dearth. A word from my wo [...]

Crash testing your foreign language skills!

When new cars are launched for the public, a crash test is mandatory. This ensures that in the unfortunate event of your car mating with a tree or some other stationary object in the scenery, the occupants inside it are safe to the maximum extent possible. All the amazing crash test videos that you have seen are of Frontal Impact Tests and apart from the fact that they look cool in slow motion, the tests and the design evolution in cars as a result are saving more and more lives every day! Wha [...]

The language of warmth

Maria woke up at 5 AM sharp. Like any other day, the shrill bedside alarm snapped her out of much needed sleep this morning. But time is a luxury Maria cannot afford. As she grew up in a small town, nurturing a big dream, she learnt lessons that were harsh, sometimes cold and many times even unnecessary. Sacrifices, crosses and cold buckets full of reality are character building methods that life employs to bring out the best in you, child, her old and dying mother told her sometimes. It was not [...]

The purest language

Start with two glasses of pure water. In one, pour some sand and earth and in the other glass of pure water, add a tea spoon of the highest quality of soluble minerals. Now stir the water in both the glasses for a while. The water in the glass with the sand and earth would; look dirty, be unhealthy to drink and be impure. On the other hand, the water in the glass with the minerals you just mixed would; look crystal clear, be very healthy but still be impure. This example was important because [...]

The language of life

Here is a little list to tick off before we discuss the language of life thing. # You think you know about this language already. # We all do. # Such is the beauty and complexity of this language that few can hear it. # The dictionary of words that make up the language of life is infinite. Okay, we think you agree with all of those. When billions of years ago, elements came together in ways unknown, various compounds were formed. Millions of stable and unstable chemical reactions happ [...]

The best language in the world!

To even attempt to write a post that justifies that topic may sound futile. With thousands of wonderful languages, their respective dictionaries and millions of possible translations out there, trying to single out one winning language might even look stupid. There are no two ways about that. We will take this post ahead nevertheless. You could come along too, if you promise to keep your mind open till the last word. Beyond that, we have a comment box where you are free to express your opinion. [...]